Making Better Decisions

Cognicity is the brainchild of internationally regarded academic and industry experts, developed over years facilitating training in major corporations across numerous industries with the Centre for Ethical Leadership.

We are theory and practice in equilibrium; grounded in science and driven by our commitment to empowering individuals and organisations to make better decisions. It is these kinds of decisions that ultimately make for more effective, inclusive and successful leaders.

Our approach is simple: we take what we know from our own independent research and make it known to you in a way that is clear and instantly applicable to your needs. We harness the power of narrative through authentic case-studies to lead you to your own learnings, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to champion positive change - personally and professionally.

We know it works, we know why it works, and now you can make it work for you.

Evolve Your Understanding With Unconscious Knowledge & Bias Training

Cognicity Academy

The first in our upcoming library of Cognicity Academy courses is a rich online learning experience exploring the inner workings of our unconscious minds. From start to finish our engaging, interactive units guide learners through experiential challenges, insightful activities, practical advice and proven strategies.

It’s about helping you unpack what it means to be influenced by the thoughts and expectations we are not even aware of, and the steps we can take to change how they impact our life and workplace.

Evidence based

Compelling content backed by our industry-leading research and training experts, adapted exclusively for the online environment.

Endlessly scalable

Relevant and cost-effective for emerging and established leaders/leadership teams, small businesses and large multinational organisations alike.

Customisable content

All case-studies, vignettes and examples are customisable to speak to the unique needs and interests of your organisation.

Blended delivery

Our trained experts can assist you to reinforce learnings, develop implementation plans, or provide guided facilitation of online content with our face-to-face workshop offerings.

You’ll discover:

  • What unconscious knowledge is and how it informs biases
  • The potential risks and impacts of unconscious knowledge on decision making, problem solving, communication and relationships
  • How to recognise unconscious bias in action – within yourself and your organisation
  • Practical, proven strategies for minimising bias
  • Powerful techniques to successfully apply these strategies in your own life and workplace

What’s included:

Online Course

Three 30-minute units packed with valuable insights and engaging interactivity.


Refer back to key insights at any time with your own takeaway guide.

Action Plan

You’ve got the what and the why – this is the how. Action your newfound knowledge and design the master plan for mitigating bias in your workplace.

Uncovering Your Unconscious Knowledge

Cognicity Labs is home to our specialised suite of research tools designed to help you gain a greater understanding of your mind. With a series of unparalleled resources Labs ensures our science is beneficial for you.

The more we can reveal about the preferences and associations our unconscious knowledge informs, the closer you can become to recognising the unconscious bias that can manifest in your decision making. This way you’ll be better equipped to identify unconscious bias at play and minimise its impacts, for you and your organisation.

Consider Labs the crystallisation of years of research and practical experience to deliver just that.

Cognicity LAbs

The Unconscious Knowledge Assessment

The flagship in our suite of resources is one that is changing the way we understand our own minds. Through a short series of targeted association tasks you’ll gain meaningful insights into your individual unconscious knowledge, allowing potential sources of unconscious bias to be revealed. Immediately available in a neat takeaway report, the results are as easy to understand as they are to implement in everyday life.

Research verified

The Unconscious Knowledge Assessment is a Go/No Go Association Task (GNAT; Nosek & Banaji, 2001) specifically designed and proven to measure the strengths of our unconscious associations.

Insight in an instant

Measure unconscious knowledge and access the report anytime. Apply the results to strengthen your Cognicity Academy learning right away.

Tailor your targets

The areas of unconscious knowledge measured can be customised to target your organisation’s specific areas of interest, such as age, entrepreneurship, gender, leadership, race, safety, and more.

Organisational intelligence

Evidence-based reports provide in-depth analytics on sub-groups, specific interest areas, and at an organisational level. Use tangible data to further empower your decision making at an even higher level.