Diversity Strategy Insights and Best Practice Initiatives

With a mix of latest research insights and directions and deep analysis of business drivers we work with you to develop Diversity Strategies that are pragmatic, with high impact strategic initiatives. Whether this is in relation to an overarching strategy or specific subsets, such as Flexible Work Practices, our deep understanding of research findings and experience with the practical implementation of strategy combine to deliver clear implementation priorities and direction.

Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Designed to facilitate modelling and deeper understanding of Adaptive Leadership behaviours coaching can be used as a preparatory step or to enable the deeper development of skill sets that provide executives and the organisation with narratives and innovative frameworks within which to tackle key adaptive leadership challenges, such as diversity and inclusion.

Leadership Diagnostic

Understanding mindset enablers and barriers within top teams through diagnostic tools and one-on-one interviews provides clear evidence of where effort needs to be directed to achieve strategic outcomes. Based on confidential assessments and executive team feedback sessions leadership diagnostics create uniform buy-in and accelerate the effectiveness and impact of strategic initiatives.

Bias Hotspot Assessment – Key processes

Used in conjunction with other delivery activities or on its own we examine of key policies and processes and identify where bias may mitigate against optimal judgements and decisions. Delivered in the form of a key report with recommendations for alternative best practice approaches it provides a key opportunity for constructive discussion at leadership level.

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