Unconscious Knowledge and Bias - 3x30 min module

The first in our library of Cognicity Academy courses is a rich online learning experience exploring the inner workings of our unconscious minds. From start to finish our engaging, interactive units guide learners through experiential challenges, insightful activities, practical advice and proven strategies.

It’s about helping you unpack what it means to be influenced by the thoughts and expectations we are not even aware of, and the steps we can take to change how they impact our life and workplace. It can be further complemented by 1 hr blended workshops enabling consolidation of bias hotspots and strategies.

Mitigating Bias in Selection Decisions - 45 min module

Evidence is clear that Managers consistently overestimate their ability to make the optimal decision in a selection process. Studies have shown a standard unstructured interview process to be only 6% better than random chance! So whilst there is a compelling cost/benefit argument to drop interviews from selection processes altogether the essential alternative is to understand, identify and mitigate bias.

Cognicity’s new e-learning module, is based on empirical research and developed in conjunction with one of Australia’s largest employers. It takes participants through highly interactive evidence and bias mitigating strategies from positioning your Brand to Making an Offer. Packed with clear examples, a handbook and a quick guide – it will challenge participants to change the way they design and interact with selection processes.