What we do

Enabling organisations and individuals to be adaptive and inclusive lies at the heart of everything Cognicity does.

At Cognicity, we know that to shift mindsets you need compelling evidence, and to shift organisation performance you need a suite of supporting strategies, tools and resources. That is why we provide empirically research driven and industry validated approaches in developing adaptive and inclusive organisations.

Our services focus on developing organisation performance through cognitive science. Cognicity has a triple evidence requirement for professional services whether instructor-led or e-learning, for assessments and for measurement recommendations. For Cognicity, evidence must be based on the scientific method, empirically verified, peer-reviewed and published in respected international journals. This capability is further enhanced by experience in major client assignments, assessments that are or equivalent to gold standard psychometrics and that are validated, reliable and interpretable in a way that is meaningful and relevant.

We have facilitators available in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States, and we offer virtual services globally.

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