3 Signs That Your Leadership Needs to Adapt to Meet the Challenge of New Working Arrangements

In this living with COVID world and what appears to be the most commonly adopted practice of hybrid working arrangements, you are probably continuing to learn how to manage your team in new ways. As you learn, you may want to look out for these three signs that you may need to adapt to ensure all employees are treated equitably: 1. Out of sight, out of mind A simple question, do you distribute opportunities and tasks within your team

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No such thing as bad publicity? How unconscious bias put the spotlight on a prestigious American educational institution…for all the wrong reasons

A law professor of more than 20 years at the prestigious Georgetown University in Washington D.C. received widespread criticism when they were recorded on videoconference discussing the assessment of students in her mediation class. As originally reported in CNN, Professor Sellers said, in a conversation she believed was private with a fellow professor, “I hate to say this … I end up having this angst every semester that a lot of my lower [performing] ones

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Stereotypes and Unconscious Bias in Education – Why it Matters

  Stereotypes—pervasive, reductive, and often harmful beliefs ascribed to particular types of people, groups, or things—can frequently lead to discrimination on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, socio-economic background, and disability. If we are honest, we would all probably admit to having made stereotypical judgments of people in both our personal and professional settings. Stereotypical judgments can influence how we evaluate people and act towards them. Some common stereotypes in a school setting include: Boys’ (mis)behaviour is

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The Unpredictable Impact of Greater Flexible Working on Gender Balance in Leadership Pipelines

  Anybody that has been working from home can tell you about the benefits and challenges they have faced in the last few months. Not all the challenges they have encountered can be neatly resolved through a Flexible Working Policy document found on the intranet. Nor can they be easily fixed by installing a better collaboration IT tool on the laptop we use while sitting in our dining room. According to a recent survey discussed

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Unconscious Bias and the Media

Unconscious bias can be a delicate topic. It is not always easy to face our own biases, nor does it feel easy to call people out when we notice they may be acting in a biased way. This can be especially difficult when we are at work and might not feel comfortable calling others out for their behaviour. The truth is that we all have biases of which we may be unaware. Despite this, it

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The Brick Boys Club

Image source: 9now As another season of LEGO®MASTERS closes we can again appreciate a show that places creativity and fun at its core, rather than unnecessary interpersonal conflict and emotional breakdowns. But as I watched Sunday night’s penultimate episode and looked at the line-up of six men going into the finals, it felt all too reminiscent of a scene from corporate life. LEGO®MASTERS did a good job on the gender diversity front this year.  With

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