The Brick Boys Club

  As another season of LEGO®MASTERS closes we can again appreciate a show that places creativity and fun at its core, rather than unnecessary interpersonal conflict and emotional breakdowns. But as I watched Sunday night’s penultimate episode and looked at the line-up of six men going into the finals, it felt all too reminiscent of a scene from corporate life. LEGO®MASTERS did a good job on the gender diversity front this year.  With seven out

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Artificial Intelligence and Inherited Prejudice

  Artificial Intelligence (AI) has long promised to be the industry-defining, lead tool in recruitment processes. It has been able to automate tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks, monitor training of new employees and assist with employee networking. One of the biggest and most discussed promises of using AI in recruitment is that it will work to not only reduce but eradicate unconscious bias in hiring processes. AI is said to be able to ‘diversify the

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It’s a Man’s World: How “Gender Neutral” Recruitment Approaches Fall Short

  Within the field of talent recruitment and management, diversity and inclusivity are being prioritised more than ever. Gender is of particular concern to diversity and inclusivity, especially considering the barriers women face in seeking employment in male-dominated industries, and the large discrepancy between the number of male and female CEOs and directors in ASX companies. In a bid to address the lack of gender diversity in some industries and workplaces, recruiters are increasingly adopting

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Book review: Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez

Ever been in a heated discussion with someone, where you’re trying desperately to explain gender inequality, and they’re just not getting it? Or even felt like things weren’t exactly equal, but couldn’t explain why? Cue: ‘Invisible Women’; the book that contains all the statistics (and highlights the data we are missing) you’ll ever need to understand and explain the gender gap. Through her work, Perez captures the insidious, systemic ways in which women struggle to

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Learning and Development Doesn’t Stop with COVID-19

COVID-19 is driving new flexible working arrangements within organisations as more employees begin to work from home for extended periods. These pressures are leading to fresh workplace challenges, obstacles and demands, which can result in key learning programs being put on the backburner. But not being able to meet face-to-face doesn’t mean that your organisation’s learning & development or diversity & inclusion agenda needs to stop as well. Instead, through leveraging the full potential of

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Aesthetic Labour in the Workplace: A Woman’s Burden

Picture this: you’re getting ready for work in the morning. You wake up, shower, put on your clothes, and… go. Sounds normal, right? Well, if you’re a woman working in the corporate sector, the story is a little different. Women face pressure to maintain their appearance and achieve a certain ‘look’ when it comes to gaining and keeping employment. This phenomenon is not new and has been hindering women in the pursuit of equality since

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