Well-meaning but still sexism: Why the Liberal party needs enforceable targets for female representation

Even though his party’s percentage female representation has fallen into the low 20’s, Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly opposes quotas for female positions in the pre-selection of candidates. Why? Not just because he believes that substandard women will be selected under quotas but, also, as he announced in an interview, “I have spoken to female parliamentarians who find it hard to leave their children on Sunday nights to travel to Canberra.” Kelly’s view is one that

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Three reasons why impropriety in financial institutions are no surprise and nothing will change

1. Homo Economicus or economic man mindset The Australian review of the banking and finance industries, under Justice Kenneth Haynes, will almost certainly recommend changes to corporate culture, as has become the norm in similar reviews in recent years. Culture is a complex set of relationships, norms and attitudes that are hard to change. At the root of culture is the mindset of what motivates humans, themselves and clients, which for people in the financial

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Lessons from a Corporate Failure, Sexism and Quotas

Few have not been shocked by the revelations of financial impropriety emerging from the solemnly but descriptively named Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry, being led by Justice Kenneth Hayne AC. In terms of the dollar amounts involved in the mistreatment and misleading of customers, AMP has been a minor player compared to other institutions. But it remains in the glare of press attention and public approbation for its

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